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We make getting an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma easy and very affordable. Our skilled paralegals work directly with our customers to make sure that every issue is properly addressed in your Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce. We prepare your forms using forms that are approved by the court you are filing in. We take great pride in being able to help Oklahomans finalize their own divorces as quick as possible. If you have specific questions about an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma give us a call today 1-800-503-5919 or to start by phone from your mobile device click on the call us button below.


Oklahoma Divorce Residency Requirements

The filing spouse must file the Petition for Divorce in the county where one of the spouses has lived for at least thirty (30) days. Generally, the petitioner files the petition in the county in which they reside. In otherwords, to file a divorce in your county you must have lived in your county for at least thirty days. If for some reason the person filing hasn't resided in their county for at least thirty days, the petition can also be filed in the county in which the responing spouse resides, as long as that spouse has lived in that county for at least 30 days. In addition to the above requirement, one of the spouses must have lived in the great State of Oklahoma for at least six months prior to filing. Okla. Stat. tit. 43 ยง 102(A).

Grounds for filing an Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce

While Oklahoma has several fault grounds for divorce, such as adultery, Oklahoma only has one no-fault ground for a divorce, which is incompatibility. To get an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma divorcing couples need not allege that the other spouse committed any wrongdoing. All that has to be said is that a state of incompatibility has arisen between the parties to the extent that the legitimate aims of marriage have been destroyed. This is really just another way of saying that you don't get along with your spouse. In Oklahoma to get an uncontested divorce most divorcing couples rely on the incompatibility ground for divorce.

Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce Waiting Periods

Uncontested divorces without minor children can be finalized after ten days have passed from the date of the filing of the petition for divorce. So the soonest that a divorce without kids can finalized is eleven days. If there are minor children, there is a ninety (90) day waiting period before the divorce can be finalized. However, this 90 day waiting period may be waived by the judge upon agreement by both spouse's. So in most cases even a divorce with minor children can be finalized in less than 90 days.

Filing Fee for an Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma

The fee to file an uncontested divorce is about $240.00. Filing fees can and often are waived by judges of you are unemployed or you are on a fixed income, you may ask the court to waive the filing fee. Even if you are employed you can ask the judge to allow you to pay the filing fee in installments. If you need the documents to ask the court to waive the filing fee, we will provide you with the application to waive your filing fee.

How do I start an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma

An uncontested divorce is started by filing a petition for divorce in the district court that you reside in, or by filing a divorce petition in the county that your spouse resides in. When you file the divorce petition you must either pay the filing fee, or file the application to waive the filing fee. A Order for hearing should be signed by the judge that sets your divorce case for hearing. If you chose to use our service you can start your divorce papers by filling out our questionairre online, or by phone with a real person. To start by phone call 1-800-503-5919 or CLICK HERE TO START ONLINE. To start by phone from your mobile device click on the call us button below.


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