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Agreed Divorce-What you didn't know

Agreed divorce and uncontested divorce mean the same thing- that both parties are in agreement with all the terms for their divorce, such as the division of property, debts, and child custody (if there are minor child(ren). However, both spouse's do not have to necessarily sign the divorce papers in order to get an agreed divorce finalized. For example, if your spouse refuses to sign divorce papers, or if you cannot locate your spouse, or if your spouse is incarcerated, you still may be able to finalize an agreed divorce without your spouse's signature. For more information please refer to our divorce packages below.

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Our "Quickie" Waiver Divorce


The waiver divorce is by far our most popular agreed divorce package. Your spouse can simply sign a waiver form. This allows you to file and finalize your divorce right in the county you reside in and your spouse will never have to go to court. This package is ideal if your spouse resides in a different county or state and does not want to travel to a court hearing.

Service / Summons Divorce


If you are uncertain about whether or not your spouse will sign the divorce papers, the service divorce package may be your best option for getting a divorce. After your spouse is legally served with divorce papers he or she will have 30-90 days (depending on your state) to contest the divorce in writing or through an attorney. If your spouse fails to file a response within the proscribed amount of time your divorce can be finalized by a default judgment without your spouse`s signature. The service divorce package is ideal of your spouse is incarcerated or otherwise financially unable to hire a lawyer to contest the divorce.

Publication Divorce - Missing Spouse Divorce


If you cannot find your spouse to serve him or her with divorce papers, the divorce by publication is an option for you. The publication divorce package allows you to serve your spouse by publishing a legal notice in the newspaper in the county where your divorce is filed. The publication divorce requires approval by a judge. A publication divorce can usually be finalized within 60-120 days, depending on the state you are filing in. The publication divorce package is also ideal if your spouse is running from the law.

What is an Agreed Divorce?

The terms "agreed divorce" and "consensual divorce" both mean the same thing- that the divorce is Uncontested and both parties agree to all the terms for their divorce. Uncontested divorce is also referred to as a no fault divorce, or consensual divorce. Getting an Agreed divorce does not have to be costly or time consuming. Call and speak to one of our divorce specialist today! 1-800-503-5919

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